IRTF/SpeX Archive Reduction Resources

This page contains the resources for accessing and reducing IRTF/SpeX archival data. Please see the main information sheet for more detail on the reduction process. All reductions are done through the remote computer accessed via Guacamole.

Key links

Project information sheet (including reduction instructions)

SPLAT Archive Reduction Project: Phase 2

Reduction Videos

Part 1: Getting Started

Part 1.5: One more note!

Part 2: Identifying your dataset & reducing calibration files

Part 3: Extracting point source prism spectra

Part 4: Combining spectra with xcombspec

Part 5: Telluric calibration with xtellcor

Part 6: Telluric calibration for asteroids with xtellcor_basic

Part 7: Reducing SXD data

Live demonstration of SpeX prism reduction

Part 8: Reducing extended sources (planets & galaxies)

Part 9: Incomplete log files and non-A0 calibrator stars

Reduction Assignments

Data reduction organization table